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Charity collection at the Co-op

From David D

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Some information about the charity collection that took place at the Co-op over the weekend.

It doesn't take much to check out a charity, so why did the Co-op allow them to collect cash on it's premises over the weekend.


From David D

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A quick update.
According to the Co-op, they didn't give permission and have referred the matter to their security division.

It appears the fundraiser turned up and started collecting without being challenged, as the staff assumed incorrectly that it had been booked through head office.

I have been given an apology and have asked for a notice to appear in the store apologising to the customers who gave a donation.

Additionally, I have asked for a suitable donation be made to charity with similar aims to those being displayed by the person collecting money.

The Co-op has clear rules on charity collection and about who can do it in store. This year, they have a charity partner, British Red Cross. No national charity other than them are allowed to fundraise in store. Local charities and other local organisations are allowed but must have the permission both of the head office and the store concerned.