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From Mel James

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Did the work on the canal near Warmans factory work?

There is a large holding area where the water overspills gradually. This used to be the site of an old gasometer. Could this be speeded up as the canal lower down near Waterside Mill completely collapsed and added more water to the already fast overflowing river causing lots of destruction in its wake.

Could the small park on the A646 at Sandbed allow water off the footpath, road, river and canal to enter it, thus slowly diverting it from entering our property and back into the river after Callis Bridge?

Are there any plans to continue the work the Environment Agency abandoned after running out of money to raise the river wall along the A646 at the back of Murts Garage and the back of our terraced houses at Wood Villas and continuing on to Hebden Bridge?

From Julie C

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

I'm sure other folk who are thinking about planning for flood prevention will find this book interesting. It covers the history of Land Reclamation and Flood Prevention in the Netherlands, including a chapter on the way water/ waster/ flood defence etc is organised at national and local level. We have a lot to learn on how to do this effectively. I got to read bits of someone else's copy, sadly on looking it up on Amazon, the cheapest one was about £40.

'Designed for Dry Feet' by Robert J Hoeksema PhD. ASCE Press.
ISBN 0-7844-0829-7

I'm sure that here, as in so many countries, water was once 'organised' in order to both make it useful to businesses and communities, and also to keep it 'in its place'. Sadly, those systems have collapsed locally, and the chaos of a failing infrastructure is what is left behind. The Netherlands have maintained their systems, and updated them in the face of changing weather patterns. I wonder if we can 'borrow' some of their expertise.

From Brenda Townsend(Crowther)

Thursday, 16 June 2016

I was very upset to hear that Adam Chew-Tetlaw was selling Waites confectioners in Mytholmroyd. I worked in the bakery and the shop as my first ever school holiday job. Does anyone know what is happening now to the business and others in Mytholmroyd who suffered badly with the recent flooding. Gradually those who can give me information about it all have moved or passed away and I would welcome an update on my home town.

From Claire D

Monday, 20 June 2016

Good idea Mel. Also good question re canal works.

Concerned to see a lot of drains in Hebden Bridge and Todmorden still blocked by silt and debris. Have cleared some but others are backed up all the way down it seems. When will this be dealt with? Is it Yorkshire Water?


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