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517 Bus Halifax-Blackshawhead-Burnley

From Paul Rigg

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

After running for many years First have announced they are to discontinue the 517 bus with the last working being on the 23rd July.

the bus has run on a Saturday for many years timed to make it suitable for Burnley playing at home. Its a bit ironic that it has been withdrawn at this point with Burnley having being promoted to the premier league! It does seem quite well used at other times too, though probably mainly with passholders.

It is a vestige of the days when they could't run via Todmorden because the Todmorden buses had a monopoly.

As it is a commercial service running of the county Metro have no interest in running it so unless another operator comes forward that's it! I cant help but think it could have been promoted by First for walkers, etc. but I think they want to get rid of all their odd workings.