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Mytholmroyd is falling down

From Frances Minto

Friday, 21 October 2016

Some Mytholmroyd businesses are being compulsary purchased by the Environment Agency, presumably to enable widening of the river.

I am sure we all realise that this is important work. However, on an individual basis it seems that those flooded are now having the rug pulled from under them. The flower shop, built last year has closed on short notice, the barber vanished almost over night, and the newsagents where a family have grown above the shop has to move. This must be terrible for those affected, and I hope the agents of change are treating these people fairly and help them with the change.

I don't understand why this has not been reported? I only hear locally about what might happen. Can't the Environment Agency tell us what is happening and when? It is disconcerting to have works going on around the place with no notice.

There are still people not housed since the flood. Please help to resolve the issues of the immediate emergency last December, and please tell us what is happening, before we all fall down a big hole.

From Frances Minto

Friday, 4 November 2016

I can't believe that I am the only one concerned about the huge changes happening in Mytholmroyd. I share the following information, in the spirit of openess and transparency so the community can be aware of what's going on.

The last of the properties on the Burnley Road along from the Newsagent has recieved a 7 day notice to vacate, and sell, which was received with surprise. The hole where the house fell down, had a hole dug in it, and then giant lego cement bricks were installed, and pointed. I wonder when they will demolish those buildings and how long it will disrupt the road?

The fire station appears to be closed and a big shed put on its land. Are we no longer having a fire station in Mytholmroyd? How long will we have the big white bandage on the side of the hill? What will be the impact on pollution on the primary school when they build a 1.8m wall opposite the coop.

We do know that the Caldene Bridge is moving 30m upstream, which has ment that 13 Calder Grove has been bought out, digger there. Also the houses approaching the new crossing have expressed unhappiness. I hope all these people will find an alternative that works for them. Well they've dug up the bench by the toilets, I hope we keep the bench even if its somewhere else.

I have asked all of the above to the Environment Agency, and though they've taken my email twice I have never had a reply. Why is no-one reporting on these issues?

From Julie C

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Don't panic about the Fire station. It is being fixed up from the damage caused by the flooding. I had a little natter to one of the firefighters who reassured me that they were still all geared up to respond to emergencies. He said the fire station was expected to be ready by, I think he said, end of December. Oh, and the big shed, that's housing the fire engine while the jobs are done.

From Frances Minto

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Went to the flood consultation and when I saw the drawings of what Mytholmroyd could look like after the work the EA plan to do. I had a lot of question and had them clearly answered.

We got to vote on rail and wall types and a new loo. There are two propsed height of the walls, A or B, which would provide different levels of cover. Not keen on the triple layer ramp up to the pedestrian bridge, but it a personsal dislike. The walls were not as high as I feared and we will get a new view of St Michael church. It looks alot more open.

Check it out I think they said it would be on 'eye on Calderdale' the more people we have to look at the plans the better the final outcome will be.