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Bonfire Night

From David  Tut

Friday, 4 November 2016

Well, here comes bonfire night and the memories I have growing up in Hebden Bridge and the great excitement of going either to your own plot night or the big one on Calder Holmes park, but sadly like many other occasions ie, the circus whith real animals, and the fairground when I could win a goldfish they are now traditions we have lost to history and yes people will say all for the better in this PC world, but at least I have good memories and I know that given the choice of yesteryear or the present there is only one winner.

From Jenny B

Friday, 4 November 2016

The days of fun and innocence Dave.

Each estate had their own 'bommie'. Wood was gathered for weeks and guarded until late at night so no one could nick it. Old chests of drawers, wardrobes and chairs were jumped on to break them down, rags were shoved in the gaps of the teepee shaped bommie and a bit of petrol in the base.

The guy made out of your grandad's old gardening clothes and stuffed with newspapers, was trollied round Hebden for the week before. "It's too early' would be the response to our 'penny for the guy mister'. If you waited until a Friday, you could get a few pennies by standing outside the pubs and catching the happy drinkers whilst they were in a good mood.

The old sofas (none with fire proof labels attached) would be stacked around the bommie ready for sitting on as the flames died down, then one by one they would be tipped on to get the blaze going again, saving one until last. We roasted taties in the embers and ate them hot and salted with our gloves on.

Fireworks were just a box per family, with dad nailing the Catherine wheels to the fence and the jumping jacks zig-zagging round your feet. Rockets were set off from milk bottles and we each had a sparkler to make swirls in the sky.

The gentrification of Hebden, the breaking down of real communities and the damned health and safety put a stop to all that. Stopped the fun.

From Phil M

Monday, 7 November 2016

Seemed to be plenty going on all weekend!? We were at the Trades Friday night for Transglobal Underground but could see and hear the big display in Heptonstall. Could smell lots of other fires and hear the constand whizz.bang of fireworks as well.

Went to a great private bonfire party on Saturday night with all the aforementioned fun in plentiful supply. Loads of Bonfire night enjoyment all over town.

Then off to Old Town CC for their massive fireworks display and fire on Sunday. Mulled wine, pie n peas, loads of people all having fun. Saw lots of private bonfires and fireworks around as well..

The big doo in the park got stopped due to the number of hammered troublemakers and yoof... a shame but nowt to do with gentrification in my book.