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Pot holes

From Ken O

Friday, 25 November 2016

My wife recently damaged her car on one of thousands of pot holes in Calderdale.

We have made a claim but have been refused compensation.

There must be hundreds of people in Calderdale who have been refused compensation for damage due to the dreadful state of the roads

Calderdale are blatantly getting away with not keeping the roads acceptable.

I was just wondering if there are people out there who feel cheated in the same way by this organisation and would be interested in starting a class action against them

From Andy M

Sunday, 27 November 2016

if you want to complain why not complain to the Government who's policy it is to keep on making cuts to local government?

From Ken O

Monday, 28 November 2016

There is no point complaining to the Government. I was once told by my MP that the Government has no Jurisdiction on local Councils (Think I've got it in writing somewhere)

Maybe a national class action against the Government would be better with the involvement of some motoring organisations and insurance companies

Its time people who pay so much duty in connection with cars etc. saw something for the money they pay.

From Andy M

Monday, 28 November 2016

Or invest in better public transport reduce car usage and reduce impacts on roads!

From Graham Barker

Monday, 28 November 2016

Potholes can be reported here and Calderdale states: 'We aim to make safe dangerous defects in the adopted highways within 24 hours, and other serious defects within 14 days.' I imagine the legal situation is that if your car takes a wallop within the 14 days, tough.

Were a class action to succeed - at a guess, extremely unlikely - any compensation and legal costs would leave the council with even less money for dealing with potholes, so rather a vicious circle. And frankly, if the council is strapped for cash I'd sooner they spent it on more essential things than patching up roads any faster than they do now.

From Ken O

Monday, 28 November 2016

I reported numerous pothole on the run up to may wife damaging her car.

The Council duly sent out Mr Pot Hole Fixer who did an abysmal job every time. After about 2 weeks the pot hole appeared again because of the poor workmanship. Now, ! that's a vicious circle. Do the job once, do it right. Within 24 hours of our claim the council marked the pot hole, (no others). Within 48 hours, the pot hole was filled in (no others). Now that's an admission of liability if I ever saw one?

I have experience of seeing the type of contractors used within Calderdale's establishments time an time again. They put in exorbitant quotes, do a shoddy job and then the work has to be done again by another overpriced. contractor. If you want to save the council money, maybe you should start here.

As for public transport there is none in our vicinity.

From DB Cooper

Monday, 28 November 2016

It was the same scenario when allegedly 'remedial' work was done on Market Street, Bridge Lanes and Heptonstall Road about a decade ago - within a couple of years the potholes had reappeared, so residents and motorists once again had to go through the whole road-closures-and-noise nightmare.

'Exceptional weather' and 'unanticipated levels of road usage' (unanticipated by whom was unclear - evidently not an HB resident) were apparently to blame, rather than the evidently slipshod, lowest-tender workmanship.

From Ken O

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Along with the poor road maintenance throughout Calderdale we are experiencing at the moment, I have also noticed a large number of central pedestrian refuges that are not illuminated.

Due to this poor maintenance it makes the unilluminated refuge extremely dangerous to road users and pedestrians. Sometimes, unless you are aware they are there, it is impossible to see them.

I seem to recall the refuge at Falling Royd Bridge was unilluminated for a considerable amount of time.

Recently, when I passed this particular refuge I noticed it was illuminated with the latest kind of bollard.

Can anyone recall this refuge being illuminated prior to the fatal Motorcycle accident which occurred at that bend earlier this year? Was it repaired retrospectively after the accident? Did the motorcyclist collide with it because it was not seen?

If Calderdale Council cannot afford to maintain the refuges, they should be removed completely as they do not serve any purpose in the state they are in and could cause a very nasty accident. I counted over 10 unilluminated or poorly illuminated on the way to work this morning,

The speed camera van is situated up and down the valley regularly. Surely the Council could afford a few light bulbs with the revenue raked in by this van?

From Andy M

Thursday, 15 December 2016

I don't think the money from police speed cameras goes directly to the council.