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Great British High Street - spending our award!

From Emily L

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hi. First of all just want to say congratulations to all the shops on Market Street for winning this years award - yay!

I just want to start a thread about ideas on how to spend our winning money. I don't know who decides on how it is spent but wondered if we could come up with some ideas on here anyway?

This is what I have thought about ... the derelict shops on Market Street are unlikely to be shops again and so I wondered if we could have some beautiful murals painted on the boarding? I've seen this on holiday in the Algarve recently and I thought it looked spectacular, so if anyone knows the owner, could they respectfully ask permission for this? What do other people think about this? We could pay some brilliant local artists to do something really lovely so that the whole of Market Street looks good?

My other idea is to paint all our lamp posts and railings different colours to match all the colourful shops?

Finally some of the shops maybe don't have enough money to make their shops look interesting eg the chinese and indian takeaway ... maybe someone could help them to get a more exciting window look, only if that is what they want of course.

That's all I have come up with! Will be interested in anyone elses ideas.

From Dave R

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Great ideas Emily. But, how much did 'we' win and who does decide how to spend it?

I am assuming the traders' association but wouldn't know.

I hope there is to be some form of public consultation. After all, it's 'our high street'.

The murals are a great idea, but I'm not keen on the railings suggestion. We are a lovely little mill town (not quite Balamory).

I think rainbow railings could look good with a coastal light, but not for us. I would like to see something more permanent, e.g refurbish the marina area with seats, litter bins etc,.

Planting out more window or pavement boxes, especially the wavy steps area.

The wish list could be endless. Thank you for starting the debate.

From Phil M

Monday, 9 January 2017

It is amazing how the street has been transformed in under a year from devastation to fantastic'ness! The work has been relentless and shows an amazing resolve which this award recognises. I had no idea there was a tangible award that went with it.

Regarding the derelict shops, does anyone know who does own them? Are they really just to be left to decay further? The ugly brown boards have been there for decades, can't the owners be contacted and persuaded to sell up or rent out.

From Eileen Kelly

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Hi everyone

I was the person responsible for the Great British High Street win, in my role as secretary of the Hebden Bridge Business Forum. I did the bid and the whole marketing campaign that followed.

The prize was £5,000 and, apparently, some Google and Twitter training in London, but we do not have any details yet with regard to this and how many people etc. I also don't think we've received the cash yet but it's obviously on its way.

The Hebden Bridge Business Forum and local retailers are planning to decide how the money will be spent. We will need to promote the fact that we've won the award (banners saying "you are now entering the best Small Market Town in Great Britain", stickers with the winning logo to be displayed in all shops etc).

I will pass on any thoughts that you have to the Forum (as I have now resigned from my post - I thought it would be good to go out on a high!) If you want to contact me direct with any other ideas my e-mail is ek@cresswells.co.uk.