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Development at Mayroyds

From Paul S

Monday, 9 January 2017

Has anyone else noticed the "wheelhouse" under construction at Mayroyd opposite the stoneyard?

Planning permission was granted for this "renovation" on the basis that it was intended to return the water wheel to use - possibly with a view to generating "green" energy.

A large two storey stone edifice has now sprung up on the site and the developer has applied for permission to convert the building into a residential dwelling.

Mysteriously, notice of this application was not given to the nearby residents or the operators of the stone yard.

This area was under 25feet of water on boxing day last year. I cannot comprehend how the Council could approve any residential development at the site on this basis.

A car was found floating in the area last year - bobbing around like a cork from memory. Clearly a suitable location for a house.

And how long until the owners of the stone yard - a long standing Hebden Bridge business - are thrown off the site?

Added to which someone has been seen with a wheelbarrow removing stone from the top of the bridge at Mayroyd (by at least 3 of the residents) and transporting it to the building site opposite. I wonder what the Environment Agency will make of that?

Anyone who wants to comment on the development can do so on Calderdale's website.

From Andy M

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Perhaps they're ok with it being on the first floor?

From Paul S

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Andy - obviously the property comes with seasonal access to swimming facilities. :-)

On a serious note - this is beginning to feel like the little park all over again...

From Steve Mackay and Richard Easton

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Last night Hebden Bridge town council voted to object to this application. In the view of many residents at the meeting the proposed building is far too large and an inappropriate design for this listed building in a conservation area on a floodplain.

Originally the applicant put in a proposal to restore the wheelhouse with a promise to restore the wheel and its mechanisms as funds became available. Now after much tree felling,concrete pouring and continuous work across weekends and even bank holidays, he says he can't be expected to do this without building a two storey house on top. This is development by stealth. If this goes through what next?