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Demolition Job

From Anne Ward

Friday, 3 March 2017

I'm concerned about access to any potential car park, given that the only route onto that land is via Stubbing Holme Road, a one-lane carriageway over an old stone bridge which surely could not cope with a significant increase in traffic.

I am also troubled about the impact this might have on the residents of Oxford, Cambridge, Eton and Trinity Streets, considering that the same small bridge is their only way to and from their homes. Will it be constantly blocked by people arguing their way onto and off the car park?

There is talk of a purchase of the disused land beyond Trinity Street with a view to creating a road link between Stubbing Holme Road and Stubbing Drive. Is this correct?

From J Kirkwood

Monday, 6 March 2017

Can anyone enlighten me as to why Horsehold Road has double yellow lines on it running up from Shelf Road? I can see the need at the junction, but otherwise they seem to be completely arbitrary. If parking were allowed on one side of the road, I can't see it causing significant obstruction, and it would go some way to creating the additional parking we're always being told is needed.

To make things even more mysterious, I can't find a Traffic Regulation Order which would give authority for the lines, but perhaps I just haven't looked in the right place.

From Zilla Brown

Monday, 6 March 2017

I may be wrong but I believe these yellow lines were put in place because the wall at the bottom (particularly where it is directly above the railway line) and also underlying ground higher up, is unstable and subject to slippage in a similar way to the way Keighley road is affected by traffic through Pecket wood. The road has a tendency to go down the hillside. The weight of cars etc parked all day would exacerbate the problem