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Parking and taxi places

From Richard Peters

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


It seems that there is a consensus that parking is in short supply in Hebden Bridge, so why has Highways decided to remove two parking places? Because of the development of the new market the single (pretty underused) taxi space had to be moved. Highways decided to increase it to three spaces. They didn't consult, the two main taxi firms have their own car parks, so can anyone shed light on the reasoning?

From DB Cooper

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

I appreciate that this is slightly tangential to the main gist of this thread, but I do wish that some of our local taxi drivers would remember to indicate when turning left or right at junctions. More than once I've had to leap out of the way to avoid being run over - I appreciate that Hebden Bridge may well have more than its fair share of psychics, but I'm not personally blessed with the gift of second sight, and due to a minor physical disability am not always able to anticipate a moving vehicle.

From David N Taylor

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Richard Peters suggests that the one taxi place by Lees Yard was underused. I would contest that but perhaps Mr Peters happened to only pass the space when the driver was out with a fare. I would however agree that increasing from one to three the taxi spaces in the area is a bit excessive.

From Bernard B

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Not having a go at blue badge holders in any way but when you see so many cars parked on double yellow lines on a weekend (not breaking the law, they're allowed to if it's safe) it makes you think well if it's safe and not causing an obstruction for them, surely it's safe for any car to park there. So there might be extra parking places to be had here and there around town eg Holme Street (maybe weekends only) and Hope Street. And of course if Albert Street was no entry at the bottom you could have parking both sides there.

From Dave R

Thursday, 23 March 2017

I believe that there were 2 taxi spaces next to Lees Yard. There was also a convenient bench there on which you could sit and wait but sadly this had not been relocated.

If so, adding one additional space doesn't seem too bad.

The rank spaces can also be used by other taxis for hire too, and as far as I recall other companies could use them as stand over spaces to take advantage of passing trade. The spaces were mainly used at weekend and evening as free parking for residents of Carlton Chambers so were never available that often anyway.

From John Billingsley

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

These underused taxi spaces in the centre of town equal three parking spaces every day throughout the day unavailable for customers of the town traders - so how do the shops feel about them? 

From Paul D

Thursday, 6 April 2017

I'm trying to think how many times I've parked in exactly that spot and it's about 12 times in many a decade, literally year after year I almost never park there. It's rubbish, as parking spots go.

Riverside yard, Central Street, behind the new medical centre on Valley Road, Palestine Road - nobody who lives here really would miss 2 spaces on that useless restricted tourist place - surely? Anyone who lives here knows where to park, and it's not there, unless it's raining or Sunday, during that fake farmer market time it's impossible.

But moving the taxi rank is plain insulting. People who know nothing, with no cultural connections or awareness, this is what they do. How can you see if the taxi is there? How can the taxi be seen? No matter - if you prefer to choose a licensed driver who knows the difference between Balmoral and Bethel you lose,  you lose if you prefer a taxi driver who doesn't ask you what the fare 'usually is', who isn't stoned or on a 14 hour day on sub minimum wage - who helps the elderly with their seat belts, their front door, shopping. No matter. 

Let him go under, let this taxi driver go to the wall. The latest tourist wheeze, constructed by what appear to be by foul mouthed, disgustingly sexist and insulting contractors - selected no doubt with usual 'Calderdale' adherence to tendering - who swear incessantly as they 'create our future' - no bungs involved - and what if this inadvertently puts a gentle, kind, hard working man out of work? No matter. This is Hebden Bridge. Where foul men doing the will of stupid men trump the good. Where their arrivisa cheerleaders question why anyone is even slightly annoyed about it. And wonder why we swear under our breath. Get ye gone fools.

From Dave R

Thursday, 6 April 2017

As I read Paul D's post, I was taken back - to the days when we as Hebden Bridge Parish Council residents had a say, to the days when our councillors represented us, to days when Frank the taxi would run you home even though you were skint, because after all you could drop the brass off next time. To the days of Carlton taxis and KJ taxis, when you could know who would be picking your tipsy daughter up from the party and get her home safe, putting the charge on dads tab. 

Ah yes, those days when people cared and foul mouthed workmen would be given the 'word' by the local bobbies, so that we didn't have to cross the street so our grandchildren don't hear the racist, sexist and disrespectful comments. 

So, yes we do care but those in charge up at T' Town Hall do not. They do not know of our  history, our heritage, our proper markets, and our concern that our local taxi driver may lose his livelyhood. 

They rattle their silver and sell us further and further down our silted up rivers. All in the name of Tourism.