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Street Lights

From Mike S

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Yesterdays news: Calderdale will save £600,000 per year by spending £22 million switching to LED street lights. Cllr Barry Collins said "...... the scheme will pay for itself and we can use the savings to fund other services like fixing potholes". Using my primary school maths, it will take over 36 years of savings to cover the initial cost and pay for itself. Unless I have missed something obvious, we have a long wait until the potholes disappear.

From Ruth F

Friday, 24 March 2017

I've read that these new LED street lights are causing people a lot of problems where they're already being used, particularly when they're right by upstairs windows of residences. They are particularly bright close up and need to be properly shaded to direct the light downwards, but usually this is not done.

Personally I'm not keen on the idea - I have street lights front and back of my first floor flat in Heptonstall and would rather not have to replace all my curtains with blackouts due to overbright street lighting.

From Jon T

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Of course the article says "save up to 50%". This includes 0% savings .

I guess, since LEDs, are advertised to last several times as long as current HP sodium technology a large part of the saving will be a reduction in the labour force needed to renew the lights which means extra costs elsewhere 

I notice dark spots appearing in the centre of a few green traffic lights - these have mostly been new LED replacements and are starting to fail. What was the saving there?

The light we can see across the valley is the light that didn't go on to the road, thus is a waste of energy. It's called light pollution, it also stops us seeing all but the brightest stars. LED lights can be any colour you like, usually whitish. I think white ones are much more obtrusive with possibly different effects on wildlife.

We all want to save money and hopefully reduce the associated Carbon Dioxide emissions. I hope it goes well and serves us as well as the current technology has. At the same time, addressing some of the problems other than energy consumption.