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Strong and stable?

From Mick Piggott

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Here's another reason to loathe the hateful scum who targeted and murdered children enjoying music at a pop festival: a reason of less importance on the scale of things, but ...

It must have occurred to people that the terrorist atrocity will actually strengthen the reactionary sentiments that would assist a Tory election victory.  Much as most of us are bored shirtless by May's 'strong and stable' claims, the fact is that when people are as disturbed as we all are by such horrific events, it is still likely that the Manchester atrocity will cause many people to seek the reassurance of strength and stability, and that could well persuade wavering folk to vote Tory in the mistaken belief that we are safer with tough, right-wing government.  In spite, I should add, of the current evidence to the contrary:  ie the latest attack took place under a Conservative government, under the noses of an undoubtedly valiant security service which includes police forces being undermined by cuts, struggling to cope ...

But still, if people want more of the same, no doubt they will vote for it. And the rest of us will have to put up with the undermining of the health service, and all the rest, and carry on simmering in our resentment at those who voted in yet another Tory government.  Migration, anyone?