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Get out and vote

From Mark H

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

It's that time again...

... to get out and vote - and please remember to encourage all those who share your address to vote too. Go on. Encourage them.

Bring the neighbours. Friends. Family. You've a lot at stake.

As presiding officer in a polling station (at a location near you) I'm always pleased to see people voting alone or in various combinations.

From the just-turned-18-where's-the-app-fo-dat? to the postwar election enthusiasts with pamphlets, from "Am I the first?" to "....just made it the dog was sick..." via lots of "Have you been busy?", you are welcome.

It doesn't matter to me who you vote for; I'm the customer-facing part of the machine, counselled to be impartial while ensuring your vote is securely conveyed to the Returning Officer.

Treat your trip to the polling station a real outing. It's totally local. Knock on doors as you pass on the way, invite your friends and neighbours along!

We're open from 7am (oops better get to bed...) until 10pm and look forward to helping you cast your votes.