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Is Hebden Bridge becoming one giant beer garden?

From Dave R

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

So we have just had the hottest few days of this year. Sadly have we also had the messiest town centre? 

Strolling through the Square on Saturday night, lots of people were sat outside The Shoulder at the provided tables, but... also many more sat on dining chairs, obviously removed from the pub,  and spread across the walkway almost level with Ltd Boutique.

There were people sat on the benches in the Square drinking from cans, bottles and yes, some plastic glasses, as far back as Waites. The Square was littered with empty bottles, cans, Budweiser boxes etc. 

Turning onto Bridge Gate, the drinkers from The Swan were sat across on the riverside walk, even making use of the table outside the Lampost cafe. Empty glasses, not plastic littered the area, balanced on walls, stood on the floor and so on.

Callans, Rendevous and the Page all have outdoor drinking areas which were reasonably well contained but did spill onto the road.

Far from looking continental, it all looked messy, rowdy and potentially dangerous with all that glass about. Who is responsible for managing this, because it must be a mammoth clean up task? 

I am sure some pubs must pay for outside space that is being monopolised by those who don't even buy their drinks from the establishment they sit outside.