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Flood Walls on Hebden Water: Express your views

From Graham Mynott

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The plans which were shown at the Environment Agency event in the Town Hall on 27th June for Hebden Water are still available for view in the Town Hall: specifically the drawings for the St Pol Car Park, Wavy Steps and Old Gate.

They are in the Town Hall on the link bridge between the old and new parts of the building just off the Reception.

Consultation runs until 25th July as far as I know

From Bob Deacon

Sunday, 9 July 2017

It worries me that the level of response to the Environment Agency's draft plan for building flood defences all along the Hebden Water has been so low. The design and appearance of the town centre will be changed forever, in quite dramatic ways.

This is partly because the Environment Agency have been ineffective in publicising their ideas. They had a one day event in the Town Hall and a very poor press release in the Hebden Bridge Times. It was only because of the combined initiative of Graham Mynott at the Town Hall and the Hebweb editor that a partial display continues in the town hall and was given publicity on Hebweb.

As former chair of the Hebden Bridge Partnership, I am urging as many people as possible let the Environment Agency know their views.

The Partnership were instrumental in suggesting the use of glass walls (which will be sited on Bridge Gate) and self raising flood barriers (which will be used on the wavy steps) and so I am basically happy with the plans.

However, on taking a second look at the detailed design there is a real risk to the trees alongside the river by the car park at the end of Bridge Gate. Building the wall there may damage the tree roots. These include the lovely willow trees. Also for reasons that are not clear, the current design shows one of the two trees by the wavy steps (the one decorated with umbrellas) being removed to allow for the installation of the self raising flood barriers. These may be small details but important I think. Other people may have other comments.

Do respond either in writing in the book at the town hall or send an email to: hebdenbridgefas@environment-agency.gov.uk

From Chris Gray

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Mmm let me see, devastating flood or tree, difficult that one - not.

From Tim B

Saturday, 15 July 2017

I had a look at the display today.  While the plans for Bridge Gate at the car park were there, I couldn't see the ones for Old Gate.  Did I miss them or wern't they there?

I too agree it would be a shame if the trees were damaged or had to be removed for this scheme but I'd rather they went than the flood defences didn't go ahead.  Trees can always be replanted. The ones planted in St. Georges Square are starting to mature well after being planted 11 years ago. Trying to prevent the flooding of properties is top priority.

From Graham Mynott

Sunday, 30 July 2017

The display at the Town Hall with these plans has now come down as the consultation period had ended.

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