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Litter in the Park

From Andrew Smith

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Here’s some pictures of the good and bad of Calder Holmes Park taken yesterday and today. 

Calder Holmes

Calder Holmes

It seems to be the norm now that many people just won’t put their litter in the bins provided.  Every morning the park is strewn with litter; have a picnic, have a few beers, and leave it all to someone else to pick up. 

Calderdale do a great job clearing up first thing in the morning, before it starts all over again.  What to do?

The flowers are lovely!

From David Tut

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Regarding the mess left in the park, as far as I'm aware of, isn't the consumption of alcohol banned in the park? It was at one time, perhaps we should bring back the old park keeper who locked the park gates every night. I remember him in my day as a lad growing up in the Hebden Bridge that I loved, but sadly them days have gone and so have most of the friends I grew up with!

From Tony Badall

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Arriving early in town I regularly pick up annoying litter - heading to the nearest bin carrying an empty beer bottle often drawing disapproving glances. "They're not mine," I want to yell. A nest of three lager cans beneath a tree with a bin a few feet away! Imagine my surprise and delight to discover they were full and unopened, so took them home, washed them off, and in due course consumed whilst polishing my halo. Empties duly recycled.