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No instructions for stair lift at Ground Floor Project

From Susan Quick

Thursday, 7 September 2017

The Ground Floor Project is upstairs! That's a problem for those of us with mobility problems.

Never mind there's a stair lift. But where are the instructions. Wonderful the manager just walked through the door.  

"Please tell me how to use the stair life."  

"Well first you have to get it down if someone's used it already and it's at the top of the stairs."  

"How do I do that if I can't walk up the stairs?"

"Then you have to switch it on."

"Where's the switch?"

"At the end of one of the arms of course. Then you have to make sure the foot plate is down. And you have to hold the switch on the other arm to tell it to move."

"Please put the instructions on the wall."

"Oh no then kids would use it. Yesterday someone didn't bother to switch if off after they'd used it. The battery was flat"

"Well maybe that's why you need to put the instructions on the noticeboard."

"Certainly not, far too dangerous."

Well that's almost the conversation I had with the Manager. Except it was me who she accused of not turning the switch off and running the battery down. She was very angry, shouting at me.

I've been advised to take them to court; that they are legally obliged to provide instructions. I've written to a Director. No reply. What should I do? Have you ever tried to use the stair lift at the Ground Floor Project? Could you work it out? With no instructions. Three people tried to help me. None of them could.

From Susan Quick

Friday, 8 September 2017

I am delighted to say that instructions as to how to use the stair lift have at long last been posted on the wall at the top and bottom of the stairs to the first floor of the Ground Floor Project, Salem Community Centre. They cover a full side of A4. There is no lift to the second floor.