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Water outage in Old Lees Road

From Chris Rowland

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Anybody else's water supply die tonight at about 10.20ish? A few of us here have no supply, preceded by an unearthly noise from the water system. Anything to do with roadworks on Keighley Road?

From Ella S

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Hi Chris, yes the same happened to us (we're on the other side on Wood End). We also were theorising that it might be to do with the roadworks. Then the plot thickened when we were knocked up by the police at 1.30 am to move my car as apparently a water pipe had burst underground (or something - wasn't that awake!) and I had to move the car sharpish before the road underneath it collapsed!

At around 4am, they started digging a big hole in said bit of road, hopefully to mend it. It's a bit further up than the original roadworks, just above the Nutclough Tavern traffic lights. Who knows! Fingers crossed they  mend it and the water gets back on sharpish.