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Sally Wainwright Q & A at Little Theatre

From  George Murphy

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Thanks to Little Theatre for inviting Sally Wainwright. As expected, she was natural, honest and direct in her responses to questions. The MC, her former teacher, drew out autobiographical reflections in the first half and then questions from the audience helped Wainwright to explain her 'obsessive, compulsive' drive. She was fascinating on dialogue, the differences between writing for stage and tv and her move into directing. 

A highlight for me was Wainwright's comments on the psychology of officers and offenders at the time of arrest and how her depiction of offenders in a state of shock has been informed by her discussions with former officers. A writer in the audience commented on the new acceptance of 'northern' dialogue amongst overseas audiences resulting from Wainwright's work.

It was interesting to hear that some of Anne Lister's diaries are still being transcribed to support the coming TV series. 

Anyway, this is our local history being vividly and dramatically represented to us by a brilliant local writer. Great stuff!

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