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The former Hole in the Wall pub / Hebble House

From Mick Piggott

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Does anyone know what the current position is regarding the old Hole in the Wall pub (which I think was renamed Hebble House)?  I see an extension has been built on, and there's a name plate on the building saying 'Peabody Trust'.  I know the Peabody Trust is a long-established housing association based in London;  as far as I know Peabody's properties are all in London. So what's going on here?

From Phil M

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Think its a given that this building will never again be a pub, which is a real shame.

Looks like its being repurposed, renamed generally recreated by a property developer and it will end up being apartments. 

From Vikki Uttley

Friday, 20 October 2017

If it is apartments, where will they park? Just asking.

Our street is permit parking only, its not a through road and was once really quiet lots of tubs and shrubs pretty good place to live, flat area for children to play football, skate, practice bike riding etc. It is now to all intents and purposes a wall to wall car park, council not interested its a police issue, police not interested its a council issue. Car parkers abusive, not interested, they have found a place to park all day for free.

Our visitors, family and friends, parking our problem. It's a shame. I'm sure its not the only street in Hebden.

I must  go now and put something on road outside. Then I don't have to look at side of a big van all day (underdwelling, only windows to front). I appreciate parking is a problem for everyone. Good luck with parking for new apartments if that's what they are.


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