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From Janet Nash

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

I have lived in Hebden Bridge all my life. My parents had their own business roofing and flooring and were very well respected people of the community. My very first memory's of being a child was bonfire night, a tradition that the whole community took part in. I remember being stood around Hebden plot. It was amazing. I spent half the time with my head up my dad's jumper as I was thrilled yet afraid of the fireworks.

Plotting started around the beginning of October and you could see the the plot getting bigger every week! Pianos, couch, old rotting timber. Anything that would burn. Each community had their own plot. Heptonstall, Doddnaze, Fairfield,  Old Town. You could see the fires burning all over the valley. When all the community pulled together to make toffee apples and black pea soup. As a kid we made our guy and did our plotting for weeks. We took everyone's old stuff and we made a bonfire. Whatever has happened?

From Andy M

Friday, 3 November 2017

Come up to Heptonstall Bowling Club on Friday! 

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