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Customer First in the Library

From David Tut

Friday, 17 November 2017

Who in their great wisdom decided that I should discuss my personal and financial problems to Customer First on a public library floor?

I take it they don't have to do this and in doing so have no idea what the meaning of private and confidential means?

I remember as a young lad in that very same library if you was heard talking, the librarian would ask you to be respectful to other users of the facilities. Well, we live in a different society now and I hope maybe give me a good reason why?

From George Murphy

Sunday, 19 November 2017

If David Tut and others feel embarrassed by having to discuss their personal issues in a public space, please can someone with authority react to this? Having supported someone using such services I can begin to understand the indignity of being denied privacy to discuss deeply personal problems. 

From Julie C

Monday, 20 November 2017

Not only is Customer First now public and utterly indiscreet, you can apparently now only access this service by approaching the Library Staff who will then explain you need an appointment to be seen. It is no longer a 'drop in' service. The council probably justifies this on the basis that when the Customer First was present a few sessions a week, (upstairs at the upper library desk, still no privacy) - people didn't use it, I wonder why. 

First they had to know that Customer First existed, then to know when and where to find the service, take themselves upstairs, then explain their business in a public place. 

As I've said before Customer First needs - a regular presence, in a easily accessible place, and people need privacy too. Without this happening there is no genuine service. 

I still believe that a space must be findable in the Town Hall. Perhaps the landing between the new and old parts of the Town Hall building would work.(it's a quiet area near the police baseroom and there is a lift access to avoid the stairway) It would be preferable to the present non-location.
Councillors- please respond.

From Ralph Nimmann

Sunday, 3 December 2017

As a Town Hall reception volunteer, I frequently get asked where Customer First are - and I need to tell them about the "telephone bookings system" (01422 288001).  It really is putting people off.

My guess is: Customer First keep a list of how many customers they have been serving per week - and with this system it's foreseeable that the Council will axe one of the jobs or reduce their opening hours more.