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First Bus service

From Jenny B

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Since the ‘temporary’ bus timetable, we have a less frequent service to and from Todmorden/Halifax, with no through bus to Burnley or Rochdale.

What is even more annoying is the buses frequently stand over for over 10 minutes at Hebden or Mytholmroyd and then you miss the Rochdale/ Burnley connection.

Having travelled for  50 minutes from Halifax to Todmorden, including standing over for 10 minutes at Hebden Bridge, I am yet again facing a 28 minute wait for a bus to Walsden. 

Do any of our councillors know what is going on with our buses?  The bus drivers tell me they know nothing and Metro say it’s a First Bus issue. They do not respond to my emails. 

Surely it’s not rocket science to synchronise the service. 

From Janet B

Friday, 24 November 2017

I wrote about this on 9th September this year, so nothing has changed.

The people in charge obviously don't care about the passengers that use this bus service - it's all about profit these days.


592 bus services Sept 2017