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Secular Graveyard

From George Murphy

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Taking a wee wander away from the car park at Wycoller, I discovered a small secular graveyard. Hearing rumours that life might be a terminal experience, I wondered if there is such a place in Upper Calder? If so, is it possible to book a place in advance? I'm not sure if I might end up tossed into the Calder, or perhaps Lumb Falls, but if my lot decide they want to pop my remains under a tree with a view...is there a nice plot out there?

I'd be quite happy to read different views on the ethics of all this...

From Chris Barnett

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Wainsgate Chapel in Old Town (was Baptist, now owned by the Historic Chapels Trust and largely administered by the Friends of Wainsgate Chapel) caters for all sorts - and it's a beautiful spot to while away eternity. Plots can be booked from the Trust, but if you want a guided tour and a chat about what's available, send me an email.