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Public toilets

From Philip Taylor

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Did not mind paying 20p.

But trouble is they we’re disgusting. Totally unhygienic.

As a male, I managed to use the urinal.

My partner and another lady would not use the other cubicles which were disgusting. My partner would not elaborate.Totally unsatisfactory. All my partner wanted to do was go home and that was after an hour's travelling.

We like Hebden but the state of the public conveniences put us off. MacDonald’s and other establishments check their public conveniences regularly. These looked like they had not been checked all day. No toilet roll either.

Get your act together or you’ll be losing more visitors.

Nice town let down by public conveniences.

From Julie C

Thursday, 15 March 2018

I very seldom use the public toilets, I always try and use the ones in the Town Hall, warm, clean, accessible and free. Plus you can get a brew in the cafe or look at an exhibition in the foyer.