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Train prices

From Jen P

Friday, 23 March 2018

Just moved to Cragg Vale from London though I lived in Halifax for over ten years. 

Went to buy a train ticket to Manchester and was surprised at the price. 

On 11 April, it's £10.10 from Mytholmroyd to Manchester Victoria. Yet on the exact same train from Halifax, it's £4. This seems mad as it's a shorter distance. 

Anyone know why? 

Of course I could buy my ticket from Halifax but get on at Mytholmroyd but apparently you aren't supposed to do that! 

From Paul Rigg

Saturday, 24 March 2018

The answer is that you are comparing chalk and cheese. The £4 ticket is valid on the booked train only and must be booked in advance. It is also booked from a quota (ie they may run out). You may not start or finish short of the stations on the ticket. The only £10.10 ticket can be bought on the train and is valid on any train and you can start or finish short or break your journey en route. There are no advance tickets for Mytholmroyd or Hebden Bridge to Manchester so they will never appear. Day return tickets to Manchester are £10.20 off peak or £12.10 all day and a 7 day ticket is £52.10  

If you want to know what fares are available for a journey look at brfares.com. It is NOT a ticket vending site but gives you the fares available for any journey. 

If you live in Cragg Vale you would save a lot by driving to Littleborough and catching the train from there, if you have a car. 

It is proof, if proof were needed, that the Internet does not always give the best answer!