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Car park to close 

From Stephen Curry 

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The issue of parking had been on the agenda for the Hebdenroyd Development Board for some time now. The issue is about to take on a new sense of urgency as we have been informed by the owners of the old fire station site that they are close to a sale of the land to another developer. We have therefore been advised that the carpark will have to close by the end of April. 

Whilst we funded the initial opening period to support the retailers prior to Xmas 2016, we would like to give full credit to David Fletcher of Innovations Mill for persuading the owners to allow it to be opened in 2016, despite them losing the supermarket battle with the town. 

We know most retailers have been grateful for the additional parking which has been a bonus for the last 15 months.  We only hope moves to increase parking facilities elsewhere in the town are progressing with the speed required to replace the loss of this car park and maintain the economic vibrancy of the town.

Stephen Curry 
Upper Calder Valley Renaissance

From Michael Prior

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

This news of the closure of the Fire Station carpark means that parking madness in Hebden is set to return in augmented form once spring finally arrives. This is doubly infuriating given that there is ample under- and unused parking space in the town at least at weekends.

Just walk along Hangingroyd Lane from the existing carparks. First one comes to the almost totally unused and open BT carpark next to the semi-derelict telephone exchange.

BT car park

BT car park

I wonder at Hebden residents patience at obeying the sign saying that only 'authorised' vehicles are allowed in. I suggest a sign on Saturday morning saying "F*** you BT, Park here for free" would ease the situation. Does anyone think that BT seriously employs parking monitors.

Cross over the bridge and observe the large Calrec carpark. Of course, Calrec as a serious and busy business has a full carpark in the week but at weekends, it is locked. In Skipton, the local Rotary has an arrangement with the Skipton Building Society to manage their car park at weekends and give the revenue to charity. Why not try this here?

Victoria Road

Off Victoria Road

Further down Victoria Road there is also a lot of locked and barely used car-parking which could be developed in the same way not to mention the locked car-park in front of the derelict Freshlay factory which is never used by Independent Living.

I have contacted the local Rotary about emulating the Skipton scheme but have had no reply. But if local charities got their act together there is the possibility of hundred of pounds of charity revenue every weekend if they could get some volunteers together plus, of course, hundreds of parking slots.

Then, of course, there is the rubble-coated land off Stubbing Holmes road which was promised by the Council as a new carpark plus all the vague park and ride schemes associated with Brown Fields and Walkley Clogs. I notice that the latter was called into use by Rotary as a temporary carpark in the unfortunately rained-on Duck Race.

All this could happen if the Council gave a little thought to the matter. But perhaps thinking is asking a bit much,

From Andrew B

Thursday, 12 April 2018

I am not sure more cars driving to and around Hebden Bridge will add to the quality of life of residents. 

If anything I would like to see the council working harder to encourage visits by public transport and discouraging visits by car. Even without the endless roadworks the air quality of the valley floor is poor. Hundreds of additional daily car journeys to and from the town will only benefit the small number of people employed in the tourist sector.

From Stephen Curry

Saturday, 28 April 2018

The good news is I am now informed that whilst the car park will close eventually there has been some flexibility since my initial post and there is currently no fixed date for closure. A little bit more time perhaps for the Town Development Board to work on any plans they have for increased parking facilities?

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