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Litter picking

From Mark Timmerman

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

There are a number of residents I know in Hebden Bridge that pick litter off the streets and verges. Last weekend, I saw one lady collecting what must have been a dozen bin bags of old bottles and cans off the steps leading to Heptonstall. Unsung community heros all.  

I myself have now adopted three areas. Can I just ask the litter droppers not to throw their bottles too far into the bushes as they are a b***** to get to, and the person that dumped a toilet by salem playing fields.... come on... we should be proud of where we live.  

From Amy L

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Indeed, thank you to people who do this, and a plea - if you walk into HB from Heptonstall perhaps you could pick up a piece of litter or two on the way down, and reduce the exacerbation of my chronic pain condition that comes from picking up litter so many folks just walk past.

Also, it would be great if the bin that used to be at the bus stop at the junction of Heptonstall Road and Lee Wood road could be replaced, so those of us who do pick up litter don't have to carry it all the way into town.  The bin was vandalised and thrown into the woods two years or so ago on bonfire night - Heptonstall having the only local firework display now unfortunately attracts all kinds.