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Bonsall's is not closing

From Annie Holling

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Was shopping in Bonsall's Ironmongers/hardware shop in Hebden Bridge recently. He says business is being adversely affected by untrue rumours of closure. They are not closing but we need to support this important local shop as it is still feeling financial after effects of floods.

Please use it or lose it!

From Graham Barker

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Glad to hear it’s not closing as it’s one of the jewels in the crown, but I think they need to take a serious look at their opening hours. It’s their privilege to keep whatever hours they want, but when 10-4 is the best it gets and a hardware/DIY shop is open for a total of only four hours at the weekend, many otherwise willing customers simply won’t be able to shop there.

From Julie L

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Since the new owners have run Bonsalls they have tried longer hours and there are very few people wanting to shop after 4pm. As most of Hebden shops open at 10am or 10.30 the odd customer is a rare occurrence prior to 10am hencewise almost all shops now open at 10am. 

Opening hours need to be balanced with the cost of heating, lighting, wages and it needs to be viable.  Longer hours were tried about a month ago and although supported for the first week it quickly tailed to nothing again. 

Bonsalls average sales value is very low so you need a lot of customers to come through the door all spending a couple of pounds each. How many people have bought something in there for as little as 10p . The paper bag the object goes in almost costs that. 

They are doing their best even growing veg seedlings for sale due to popular demand. 

From Graham Barker

Friday, 27 April 2018

Most significant Hebden Bridge businesses - and Bonsalls ought to be among them - open at 0900 or earlier. That includes the markets. They all clearly think it works for them. Hobby shops selling niche non-essentials can choose whatever hours suit them, and take their chances on survival. 

For a start, Bonsalls opening at 1000 means they miss trade custom, which used to earn the ‘old’ Bonsalls a fair bit of business and - as important - respect and loyalty. And logic suggests that experimenting with earlier opening hours is bound to be a failure if your customer base has got used to your not being open before mid-morning. 

I hope I’m not alone in wanting Bonsalls to stick around forever but they’re in danger of being perceived as a part-time business, as likely to be shut as open when you need them. It’s then a very short step to not bothering to find out which it is.

From Jez T

Sunday, 6 May 2018

I have been in need of a DIY item mostly on a Saturday afternoon. It's a shame they are never open. 

From Julie L

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Bonsalls was open until 3.45pm yesterday (Saturday). Mytholmroyd builders and Calvag and JMD hardware only open until 12 pm on a Saturday. Bonsalls is always open until a minimum of 2pm.