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Lumb Falls rubbish

From Jamie Lloyd

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

My family and I walked up to Lumb Falls from Hebden Bridge, as we had a few days holiday there.

We were horrified at the amount of rubbish discarded at this beautiful site and I did my best to help by carrying away a bin bag fall and walking it all the way back down the valley.

The day we visited there were a huge amount of young people there and sadly most of them were discarding their rubbish at their feet and they simply did not give a damn, many seemed bemused that I cared.

I am not from the area so felt slightly powerless but I would recommend a voluntary group visits the falls on sunny days and forces these selfish kids to takes their rubbish home. 

From Rosy G

Thursday, 19 July 2018

40 + years ago I and my family used to visit Lumb Falls regular in the summer months. We have spent many hours having pick nicks etc and the children diving and swimming in the falls. We never ever left any rubbish behind and always enjoyed our walk down from the top road.

A couple of weeks ago my son reminiscing about the picnic area decided to visit Lumb Falls. He wasn't even able to park any where near and cars were blocking farmers entrances to their property and fields etc. He said it was disgusting. What has happened to people being reasonable and respecting the countryside, I ask myself.