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Midgehole Dyeworks

From David Mack

Saturday, 18 August 2018

In November 2015, Calderdale gave planning permission for the partial demolition of Crimsworth Dyeworks on Midgehole Road, with the retained buildings to be converted into 7 dwellings and 7 new houses to be constructed on the part of the site which would be cleared. That permission expires in November this year, and to date there has been no sign of any work being carried out.

A planning application (no. 18/00576/OUT) has now been submitted which proposes demolishing all of the existing buildings with 14 new houses to be constructed.   

So far there have been no objections to the application - even Wadsworth Parish Council hasn't commented. 

I recognise that residential development is the only future for this site, but feel strongly that the existing buildings which are capable of conversion should be retained, with a minimum of new building being permitted. The failure of the developer to carry through the last permission should not be grounds to allow the whole site to be demolished.