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Hebden Bridge Demographic change

From Julie C

Friday, 7 September 2018

I'd be interested in other people's views on the changing demography of Hebden Bridge. It seems like there are now fewer young families living in the town, a direct result of the rising cost of homes to buy or rent, and the lack of affordable options and social housing.

This means there are increasing numbers of older residents, couples and singles without families. This would appear to be impacting on GP services, and infant school numbers - there are probably other effects that I've not been aware of. 

It isn't a sustainable mix as it is developing at present, what do you think? 

From Mike James

Friday, 7 September 2018

My guess is that people just don't want to live in Hebden Bridge anymore. I was trapped there for a number of years as I couldn't sell my house.

I'm sure its not connected to the house prices. I've just looked on Rightmove and the prices to rent and buy seem very reasonable.

Its just not a nice place to live, its got a poor reputation and it's 'out of the way'. The local schools aren't great and the infrastructure is awful. One road in and out, which we've seen with the recent waterworks is an issue, and a single 'unpredictable' rail line.

There are far better places to live with much, much better facilities for all members of the community. 

So, I guess, people are just voting with their feet.

From Tim M

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Has Mike got the right place? 

More seriously, there is currently an issue with infant school places - but only a couple of years ago, all the schools were full to bursting.

From Julie C

Monday, 10 September 2018

I believe Central  is down to 2 classes now, including the nursery, plus the special unit for A.S.D pupils. Don't know if Stubbings has more, so Riverside must be getting less children too. I guess when the new houses are eventually built on High Street there may be more youngsters around, but if not things must be going to get very tricky. 

I also, don't think Hebden hasn't lost its appeal, but a young family on ordinary wages would find it hard to rent or buy round here. They might afford Tod or Sowerby or perhaps Mytholmroyd, but Hebden hasn't much cheaper housing stock, and what there is may well be flood vulnerable, like Stubbing Holmes for example.

From Andy M

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

It's just not a nice place to live....

Hebden Bridge ‘best place to live in the UK’

From Mike James

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Many apologies Andy M, I stand corrected. A computer says "Hebden Bridge 'best place to live in the UK'" so I must be wrong. 

Having lived across three continents and numerous places in the UK I found Hebden Bridge the worst, by far, on numerous criteria.

Not just me though! The Guardian (not my choice of newspaper) seems to have an affinity with Hebden Bridge and trots out repeated 'glowing' reports every year or so.

What is interesting is to read the comments at the end of the articles, from real people (not computers). 

So, back to the original point, I still believe that people are voting with their feet and choosing far better places to live than Hebden Bridge.

From Andy M

Thursday, 13 September 2018

OK - I'll leave out the media

I've lived here for 26 years and it's still a great place to live. 

I've raised, and am still raising, a family. My children have been successfully schooled at 3 local schools. I have local and non-local friends. I rarely need to shop elsewhere. I love the scenery, enjoy the walking /running /climbing /biking /nature /landscape etc etc and, whilst I fully appreciate there are problems - where doesn't have? - it is the best place I have lived.

From Judy M

Friday, 28 September 2018

My husband and myself chose to move here. The town is great, a good community spirit, lots of local shops that we we try to support, a cinema, music venue, lots of crafty things going on. It's heaven, Judy.  Please let me know were is so much better as I failed to find to find it in 3 yrs of searching