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Mytholmroyd roadworks

From Janet B

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

It's about time someone took charge of the situation where the bottom of Cragg Road meets Burnley Road, just before the temporary traffic lights.

Many vehicles are coming down Cragg Road and coming straight into the line of traffic heading towards Hebden Bridge on the main Burnley Road, sometimes blocking the road up so no-one can move and other times nearly causing accidents.  I sometimes wonder if the drivers have actually passed a driving test or even read the highway code at all.

A van and car managed to block the road this morning so the traffic moving to Halifax couldn't go and the bus bay was blocked so the bus couldn't get in, stopping traffic heading to Hebden.  

All the time, car horns are being used, drivers are shouting abuse at each other and pedestrians, and the two finger sign is being used for no reason - road rage is not clever or funny.

From Julie C

Monday, 17 December 2018

My big worry is that the flood works and associated roadworks may potentially be threatened by a 'no deal' Brexit. A large chunk of the money for the Project comes from the EU. What if there is not enough money left to complete the whole business, what then? 

From Alan Truman

Monday, 7 January 2019

No fear. The money has already long since been allocated and ring-fenced for the scheme. No matter what happens in the coming weeks, the works are still on schedule to complete in their entirety a year from now.