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Consultation re disabled train and station access 

From Susan Quick

Monday, 24 December 2018

Hebden Bridge station is in the process of having lifts installed and having markers put on platform edge and steps so as to become accessible to those of us whom are disabled. The Government Office of Road and Rail is carrying out a consultation for their Disabled Persons Protection Policy: Improving Assisted Travel which I am in the process of reviewing on behalf of Hebden Bridge Disability Access Forum. Please send any points you have to me at by email or 01422-844718.

As well as drafting a report for the Disability Access Forum for other members to add their comments to, I will also send in my personal assessment.  The deadline is 18 January 2019. I hope as many of you as possible will do the same. If you want to send me information please either leave a message by email or 01422-844718,  We meet in the Town Hall on the 3rd Monday of every month at 2.30-4.30.

This is the email address to send your review. Deadline 18 January 2019.  
Consumer Policy Team, 
One Kemble Street, London 
WC2B 4AN. 

The consultation document which can view on the web is also available in Easy Read and Large Print  Contact them if you need another version. An audio version is available on YouTube. 

I believe they will post all out comments on their website. If you don't want them to publish your views please tell them. Issues of particular concern are that although you can book the one wheelchair space on intercity trains you cannot reserve the wheelchair space from Hebden Bridge.  Also, I fear that only one wheelchair space per train does not reflect the number of wheelchair users. Indeed, a friend missed a job interview because the one wheelchair space was already occupied when his train arrived in Hebden Bridge.

Disabled access starts at the station entrance. No improvements are to be made from the main road or the park. Nor will the booking office be wheelchair accessible.  The window will not be lowered because it is listed.. 

Happy New Year!

Susan Quick