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A food bank in Hebden?

From Sacha Healey

Monday, 14 January 2019

The nearest food bank to Hebden is Todmorden. Once a week on a Saturday morning and it's a much needed service. Why not have one in Hebden? Hebden has the reputation of being affluent but the reality is that there is poverty and deprevation here. A food bank once a week would benefit many people. Local businesses could get involved and donate. What do you all think? 

From Kate Anstee

Friday, 8 November 2019

Hi Sacha - surprised no one replied to this! My friend from London (ex Hebden) messaged me to show me your message & that no one had replied.

Have you had any more info about this or anyone get in touch about this?

If you have I won't go on too much, but there is one being set up in Hebden. Eileen Kelly from the Community Hub (Welcome Independent Living) & Sue Fenton-Glynn (Councillor) are involved. 

I run a non-profit called Reach4ward (on facebook, twitter, etc & email is reach4ward4@gmail.com and we are loosely involved.

The points you raised are absolutely the same ethos of what Reach4ward is about - recognising that poverty does exist in the area & that affluence and 'beauty' ignores all that.

Hope this helps. Sorry it's taken nearly a year for someone to reply to your post.