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Parking fine after 2 hour wait for appointment

From Eileen Cann

Friday, 22 February 2019

I have just received a parking fine of £100 from Smart Parking because I was in the Grange Dene Medical Centre car park for over 90 minutes.

This was because I was waiting for over 2 hours to see a doctor at the Drop In clinic. I think it's completely unacceptable to expect patients to run out after waiting 90 minutes to buy a parking ticket but want to warn others that this might happen to them. In fairness to patients I think the practice needs to negotiate a longer free parking period with Smart Parking.

From Mark H

Saturday, 23 February 2019

There's probably an easy way out of paying this, but it would be best if the time limit were relaxed during the time of the walk-in session.

Here's a link  which gives sound advice.

But at least it's only another 13 months before the traffic congestion in Mytholmroyd will be over. I took my partner recently, and we waited twenty minutes on the A646 before arriving at Grange Dene. Her encounter with the receptionist was incomprehensible, and ended with us both having taken a morning off work without seeing any sort of clinician.

Did we ever discover the true rationale for limiting our access to health care to the period when the flood works are bound to restrict the traffic flow?

Not to worry. In a couple of months the NHS will be getting an extra £350,000,000 a week and we'll be able to open Valley Road for walk ins too. 

From Julie C

Saturday, 23 February 2019

This happened to my neighbour too, but apparently she went straight back into the desk at the Docs, and they instantly wiped it via some link they have. Worth a try even a few days later I reckon. 

From Susie L

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

If you are in the Doctors for more that 90 minutes then you don't have to pay the fine. You have to give your reg plate to the receptionist who will then have it wiped for you.