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Absentee Landlords' Tour of Destruction

From Andy G

Monday, 13 May 2019

It would seem that we are about to lose more local independent shops as a result of greedy absentee landlords hiking up rents unreasonably as current leases reach expiry.

Riversdale Jewellery in Crown Street are holding their closing down sale.

Bridge News (formerly Oasis News) has already closed and moved into the nearby Oasis mini-market, which must jeopardise the future of one of our two remaining 24 hour cash machines.

Word on the street has it that another two shops on the ground floor of Carlton Chambers are about to close.

Don't these London and Leeds-based landlords realise that it is better to have some rent coming in from a thriving local business than no rent at all coming in from an empty unit?

At this rate, Hebden Bridge will rapidly change from being a town of little shops to being a town of no shops!