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Green Policies in Calderdale

From Martyn F

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Calderdale Council doesn't have a great track record on green issues. While neighbouring councils, namely Kirklees, have had clear energy reduction targets since the 1990's. Calderdale, in comparison,  appears to have very little in the way of green policies.

Kirklees have fitted solar panels on a large number of their properties and other councils have imposed rules on developers whereby they have to commit to renewables in their proposed developments. Other Councils have set up renewable projects for all their Council buildings. 

Locally there are so many derelict buildings falling into disrepair, from pubs that have been closed, old mills and even shops (two opposite the Co-op have been empty for 20 or more years). I can't imagine this happening in most towns, particularly with the current level of homelessness.

Hebden Bridge is quite a radical area but this just isn't reflected in our local politicians. Council's could be leading the way, and some are, but not here in Calderdale.