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CMBC changing addresses - potentially dangerous?

From Vivienne Crawford

Friday, 26 July 2019

I recently discovered that Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council had moved my address on its records  from the main road to a side street, & from Luddendenfoot to Mytholmroyd. 

Following a prolonged correspondence, outlining my property on a map, etc. they have now consented to recognise  that I live at the address I've had for 30 years - 

But they have now added 'Sowerby Bridge'  after Luddendenfoot. Previously, if a main town was required, it was given as Halifax. 

This may seem like bureaucratic nonsense. However, it means that letters containing confidential information will be sent to an address the post office finds incoherent. 

CMBC puts its information in the LLPG - the Local Land & Property Gazetteer. 

Terrifyingly, this is the version of the address used by emergency services. If an ambulance or a fire-truck  is being given an address in 'Luddendenfoot, Sowerby Bridge' followed by a HX postcode, is it more or less likely to arrive at the right destination in a timely manner? 

I've been arguing with CMBC for months now. Has anyone else checked the version of their address held centrally by the council? It may be a good idea to do that. The Council Tax department uses my correct address, but it's the CMBC tie-in with the LLPG that's my concern.

From Gabriel Serota

Saturday, 27 July 2019

There's another potential problem I'm afraid. I was unexpectedly turned down by a bank when trying to open an account. I eventually established that this was because the address I gave the bank was not the same as on the council's records.The council were using the wrong street name.

From Andy M

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Seems odd. It's all part of this which is meant to be an improvement!  You could try contacting Geoplace directly?

From Lesley Mackay

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Living near the Station in Hebden Bridge, my address now includes Mytholmroyd!!

I was unable to change my "new" address when I registered again to vote.