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Calder Valley health centres

From Peter Lazenby

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Tory determination to privatise our National Health Service lies behind the many problems NHS staff and patients face. The Tories are prepared to wreck the NHS first, then declare it a failure and tell us that privatisation is the answer. Their message will be enthusiastically communicated through the likes of the Daily Mail, Sun, and other Tory mouthpieces.

More than 100 private health firms have offices within a few hundred yards of Westminster - handy to meet Tory health ministers and officials to tell them what to do (it's called 'lobbying'). Last year £12 billion in NHS contracts was being handed to privateers. Another £9 billion has been handed out to the profiteers since.

The NHS workers whose jobs have been transferred to the private sector quickly find their wages being cut, their working hours increased, their conditions worsened, their ability to help patients hampered, all in the name of profit.

Six hundred NHS staff in Bradford are on strike today to stop their jobs being privatised. On August 26 they launch an open-ended strike. We should support them if we value our NHS.