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Keighley Road Closures

From Amy R

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Regarding the Keighley Road closures (timed tostart after the end of school holidays), I wonder why there are no signs about this on the roads to forewarn travellers from Skipton, Haworth and Bradford? I wonder why the huge programmable traffic signs on Burnley Road have no information about this.  

Surely if Calderdale want to add an hour and more to our return journeys to Haworth, they ought to spread the news. 

(I'm not commenting on the plans themselves, only on the lack of information, as the former are too depressing. )

From Chris Barnett

Saturday, 24 August 2019

The reason why this stretch of road is so dangerous is mainly because some people drive along it like idiots. Surely resurfacing the road will only enable said idiots to drive even faster, thus making the road even more dangerous. Or have I missed something?

From Graham Barker

Sunday, 25 August 2019

I’ve never driven this road and felt it was unsafe, but maybe I don’t drive with the right degree of abandon. Chris is right - improving it will just tempt idiots to go even faster. 

What has always puzzled me is why it’s an A road in the first place, as that oversells it. A smarter move all round might be to lower expectations in line with reality and make it a B road, like the perfectly adequate (and arguably better) Cragg Vale road.

From Hugh Mann

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Having lived in Hebden Bridge for far too many years I frequently took the Keighley Road route to get to the north Bradford schools I supported.

In the depths of winter I’d set off to find the road had been kindly cleared by Calderdale snow ploughs, only to get a mile or so from Oxenhope to find the road blocked by drifts.

On more than one occasion I drove to find the 'road closed' at a similar point.

It seems that a large proportion of that route is 'manged' by Calderdale with the remainder being 'managed' by Bradford, at some unknown border. 

Clearly their neither speak nor coordinate, nor are willing to (literally) 'go the extra mile'.

The biggest frustration is the lack of a notice of a diversion at such a late stage. The only solution was to 'U-turn'’ in order to return home and start again via a different route.

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