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Parking in Calderdale

From Amy R

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Recently I had some communications with the Calderdale Parking Services Department which left me with several questions. Calderdale claim they have no traffic wardens, only Civil Enforcement Officers. The RAC onlline talks about traffic wardens.  Of these, Calderdale seems to have four kinds. One group have blue uniforms with red flat caps, one group have khaki uniforms with khaki flat caps, one group have plain dull-coloured uniforms, the final group have camouflage, commando- style uniforms with a large camera in the middle of the chest.

Does anyone know what is the difference between them - or why just one type  is not sufficient?  

From Calderdale - Parking Services

Friday, 13 September 2019

In 2006 the majority of powers for the enforcement of all on street parking regulations was transferred from the police to the Council.  As part of this process, those formally employed by the police, historically known as Traffic Wardens, were transferred into the Council and their titles changed to Parking Attendants.  In 2008, in accordance with Civil Parking Enforcement legislation, the Parking Attendants employed by the Council changed their name to Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) and have been referred to as this ever since. 

The CEOs working in Calderdale wear a navy uniform with a red hat band on their hats and have a unique CEO ID number displayed on epaulettes on their shoulders.  Their uniform also displays the Calderdale Council Logo.  

There are other frontline officers, such as the Community Safety Wardens working across the borough, but none wear a uniform as described in the comment, nor do they have the responsibility for parking enforcement.  

From Amy R

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

I think I will ask the next time I see a police community support officer if they know who the other officers are.

It's good to see Calderdale is displaying the BPA British Parking Association logo and parkmark logos on its stationery, as these are designed to improve parking standards. On the other hand, both require a subscription fee. I wonder how much Calderdale is paying for these - hundreds ?thousands?

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