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Unsolicited Mail

From Mark H

Thursday, 3 October 2019

We were so thrilled to learn, from his Annual Report, that Craig Whittaker is alive and well, and apparently Serving the People of the Calder Valley.

The report, recently dropped through our letterbox, is most helpful in showing where our MP has been, and what he's been doing. Or is it?

It concentrates on five key local issues. According to the report, our health service is in the hands of the Swiss; it's their flag and not the red cross we might have expected. 'Supporting our Local Schools' is headed by a picture of a mortarboard of the type worn by canewielding teachers at my old school back in the 1960s, or in the Beano. 

There are many facts and figures given, which are claimed to be the result of our MP having relentlessly lobbied, tirelessly lobbied, lobbied and lobbied ministers and prime ministers. Is there anyone who can help with a bit of fact checking on these? I'd hate the electorate to be badly informed on such important matters as we approach a General Election.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the report is that its 8 pages contain 7 pictures of Craig, apparently working hard for the community he serves, yet there is nobody else in the pictures. It's almost as if he hasn't talked to anyone.

The 8th page carries a picture of a man who has allegedly assaulted women, misspent public funds, lied to the Queen, ignored or deplored the law and generally been a bit of a bully (and who can sue me for saying any of this if he thinks his case is hard enough). Our MP says he 'wholeheartedly agrees with the stance taken by Boris'.

Well I don't. Maybe you do - and if this is so, please tell Craig that there's more to the Calder Valley than he knows. We appreciate honest endeavour and plain speaking, for a start. We give credit where it's due.

Please, make sure you and yours are registered to vote.

From Andy M

Thursday, 3 October 2019

I made some similar points on his website! Not much of a forum for balanced and constructive debate I fear :-(