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Planning applications - do not write

From Adrian Riley

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Calderdale Council is advising people commenting on planning applications not to send these in by post, as staff aren't available to deal with them. You have to register and submit them on-line.

Many people, particularly the elderly, do not use computers and therefore will not even see this new restriction. Presumably they will continue to send in written postal comments without any knowledge there are no staff to deal with them.

This needs clarifying. Are written comments being returned to sender with advice what to do next, or will they just be ignored?

From Adrian Riley

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

I know of a planning application where people are sending written submissions. The fact they are doing this obviously means they aren't aware their objections/comments will not be dealt with. 
This is a  matter of concern. 

Perhaps if a Councillor wishes to clarify the situation with the Planning Dept, to discover how they will be advising them it is on-line only.

Otherwise their written submissions will, in effect, be consigned to the bin and some will remain in ignorance this has happened.