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The Warp Theatre

From Jaffa D

Saturday, 11 April 2020

The Warp Theatre production in Hebden Bridge - I read something about this groundbreaking piece of theatre being performed in Hebden Bridge. Can anyone provide any details? Where when how?  

From Emma Gedge

Saturday, 4 September 2021

I just saw your message!

I went to the production of Neil Oram’s The Warp, produced by Ken Campbell. 

It must have been around 1979, I remember my mum wrote me a note for school to explain my absence!

The play is anything from 22 to 27 hours long, the posters set it at 24 and there were breaks for food - which as far as I recall was provided with the ticket. I went with Claudine King, late of this parish (check out her obituary, she was an interesting woman), we lasted the distance though I confess to having a nap. 

It took place at the Birchcliffe Centre - way before it became the outdoors base it had stopped being a chapel and was sometimes used as an art place. The Little Theatre put on some plays there before the conversion of the old bus garage into to today’s little theatre. 

I don’t remember very much of the plot I’m afraid, but I do remember that it was intense! 

I might even have a flyer somewhere - I keep stuff like that!

I’m glad I saw it, there aren’t that many people in the world who have as it’s a beast to perform. After all, people complain about Hamlet and that comes in at 4-4.5 hours full length!