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Covid-19 deaths

From Ms. P. Finch

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Just found this Office of National Statistics link that maps 'confirmed deaths'.

Run over the map and it brings up 'confirmed deaths' in our area including Hebden Bridge 4 and Todmorden area 8.

From Anthony Rae

Monday, 4 May 2020

But Calderdale with 252 cases is now at its lowest place (= good) in the national league table of some 150 local authority districts (which obviously have different population sizes) with the highest number of cases.

At various times Calderdale, which started at around 10th place from the bottom of the table, rose to 20th then 30th place; but as of Sunday 3rd May we're now down to 8th from the bottom.

Other parts of W Yorkshire have however ascended the table, with Leeds now at 1463 - 14th from top, Bradford 947 - 39th from top, Kirklees 578 and Wakefield 554.

From  George Murphy

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Thanks to the previous contributors for looking into Covid-19 statistics. The West Riding figures reflect a greater incidence in areas with more BAME households. The upward trend in figures for the North West is presumably greatest in Manchester and Liverpool and other large conurbations rather than in the Lakes and Forest of Bowland, where locals are worried about infection from day-trippers and second home owners. 

Hebden Bridge thrives on visits from day trippers, but cafe proprietors, shop owners and locals will need a lot of reassurance from scientific authorities before taking the town out of isolation.