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Thanks HebWeb

From Jewel Chadwick

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

I've just been wondering (on & off over the last ten years(?) how often you get thanked for the great Hebweb service you provide?

So this is just to thank you for clearly, quietly keeping us all in touch with the valley magic that is still shared in Hebweb. I must admit I don't use it that much but it is always my home page and I was particularly pleased to see that Calderdale is currently down to zero in your regular updates on COVID-19 transmissions. 

Despite all ups and downs and 'offcumden' changes, you have kept this excellent information exchange system so effectively continuing to keep alive our old community spirit.

Who'd a'thought 40 years ago how much but also how little life has changed amidst the current world chaos? I feel so glad that we've held on to and at least partly realised our dreamy hippy ideals - if also sad that we are still an elitely privileged minority in a world that has so spectacularly failed to live in harmony with Nature. But as you might imagine, I will never give up on efforts to protect our planet through positively being here and now. 

So thank you again for your steadfast energies here and hope they are going well. 

(Many thanks for your kind thoughts. Such messages are always really encouraging and appreciated. It's actually 25 years! The HebWeb started in the summer of 1995. Thanks again - Ed)