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From Ms Maldimente

Monday, 20 July 2020

I see that Covid cases in Calderdale were up 100% in the past couple of weeks. 23 two weeks ago then 46 last week. While understanding the need of local businesses to get back into operation, the lack of social distancing and mask wearing around town is profoundly disturbing to those of us shielding vulnerable loved ones.

Hebden Bridge is heaving at the weekend with visitors, few of whom appear to give much consideration to how small the town is and how crowded our pavements and square can become - especially during fine weather. Presumably this situation could get worse over the summer as people staycation rather than travel abroad.

Perhaps we need a 'single file' campaign to encourage people not to walk in large groups along narrow pavements? Unless walking with young children or people who need assistance, there is absolutely no need for people to walk two or more abreast. All these little changes - so easy to make - could make all the difference in terms of the safety of others.