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Spring Festival

From Michael Prior

Sunday, 29 November 2020

There is a sense of exhaustion about the HebWeb forum as we live through these dark days. No wonder. But I have just finished watching the lovely film made by Handmade Parade.

It has inspired me to wonder whether it is too soon for us to start thinking about a Spring Festival to celebrate the ending of this nightmare and to start healing its wounds.

Obviously Handmade could lead it off but there are plenty of groups and artists who could participate taking over the Town Hall and everywhere else.

Accuse me of optimism if you like but it will end and our town and the rest of the Valley will need to work hard to gain strength.

There is a phrase used by the Czech philosopher, Jan Patočka, 'solidarity of the shaken' which is going around. It refers to individuals whose "everyday assurances have been overturned by a deeply shocking experience, which allows them to change their perspective on life." I think that this may be an appropriate way to approach life after Covid; solidarity and singing.

From Chris Barnett

Monday, 30 November 2020

Sounds like an excellent idea. I think we will all need to let off a bit of steam when this covid malarkey is over. Maybe late spring to be on the safe side (and the weather's better). May / June perhaps?

From J Caven

Sunday, 6 December 2020

It's fine to have good ideas, but why wait until someone else offers to make it happen?  Clearly so far no one is about to.  You want it to happen, you make it happen.

Hebden Bridge's usual organisers of events already have enough to do, so most likely this will need new people to bring it together.