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Hebden Bridge &  Todmorden Practices

From Lesley Mackay

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Hats off to Hebden Bridge and to Todmorden Group Practices for having got their vaccination programmes off to a brilliant start!  What a relief to have my first Pfizer vaccination today.  Seamless organization at Todmorden Health Centre made it all a really good experience. 

My only problem is with the stupid UK government dictating that we should wait for up to 12 weeks for the second vaccination.  Our practices have had to settle for doing a second vaccination within 10 weeks. This is still not enough. The Pfizer manufacturers and the World Health Organization are not happy with this directive.  The second dose should be administered within 21 days.  So we need to pressurise the government to reduce their silly 12 week vaccination to the 3 weeks recommended by the manufacturers and the European health (and many UK) experts.

But I don't want to take away from the excellent service being offered by Hebden Bridge and Todmorden practices - well done indeed!  They are to be treasured.

From Mike Prior

Thursday, 7 January 2021

I got a text on Monday at 4.30 to tell me that I was eligible for a covid vaccination. By 8.30 on Tuesday I had an appointment for Thursday at 4.53. I arrived at Todmorden Health Centre at 4.44 for my appointment at 4.53, the needle went in at 4.47 (I know because that is what it says on my card) I sat down for 15 minutes and left at 5.05. I didn't turn blue or faint and had a glass of wine at 5.45. The times are important only because that is how it worked - like a very efficient machine.

The local NHS is bloody marvellous; I cannot begin to express just how kind and friendly as well as efficient the staff were. If the system nationally works as well as this then we will beat it. Just so as you know that there is good news.